FPSC stands for the Federal Public Service Commission, which is a federal agency in Pakistan responsible for recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats to various federal government departments and ministries. The Federal Public Service Commission conducts competitive examinations, interviews, and other tests to select candidates for various positions in the federal government.

The FPSC was established in 1947 under the provision of the Government of India Act, 1935. The commission is headed by a chairman and comprises members who are appointed by the President of Pakistan. The FPSC is headquartered in Islamabad, and it has regional offices in major cities across the country.

The FPSC conducts several exams every year, including the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam, which is considered one of the most competitive and prestigious exams in Pakistan. The CSS exam is held annually and is open to candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized university.

In addition to the CSS exam, the FPSC also conducts exams for other federal government departments, including the Pakistan Administrative Service, Pakistan Customs Service, and Pakistan Police Service, among others. The FPSC is responsible for ensuring that the selection process for these positions is transparent, merit-based, and free from any form of bias or discrimination.

Source >>> https://www.fpsc.gov.pk/

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