Pioneers of Online Medical Services in Pakistan

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There are several pioneers of online medical services in Pakistan. However, some of the most prominent names include:


Founded in 2013, Dawaai was one of the first online pharmacies in Pakistan. The platform offers a wide range of medicines, healthcare products, and lab services. Dawaai has a user-friendly interface and allows customers to order medicines and other products through its website or mobile app.


Sehat is another well-known online medicine platform in Pakistan. Founded in 2014, the platform offers a variety of medicines and healthcare products, including vitamins, supplements, and medical devices. Sehat also has an online consultation service, where users can book appointments with doctors and specialists.


MedOnline is a relatively new player in the online medicine space, having launched in 2020. However, it has quickly gained popularity due to its extensive range of medicines and healthcare products, as well as its competitive pricing. The platform also offers free delivery across Pakistan.


While not exclusively an online medicine platform, Marham is a popular healthcare app in Pakistan that allows users to book appointments with doctors and specialists. The platform also offers an online pharmacy service, where users can order medicines and healthcare products.


Dvago is a leading online pharmacy in Pakistan that provides convenient and easy access to high-quality reliable medicines. With an aim of making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone, Dvago has revolutionized the way how people used to buy medicines. Read More…

These are the few examples among many others, of the pioneers of online medicine services in Pakistan.

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