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The Green Line Train is a high-speed railway service in Pakistan, currently operating between Islamabad ( Margala Station ) to Karachi ( Cantt Station ). The project aims to connect Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, with the southern port city of Karachi, travelling distance of around 1,521 kilometers covering Lahore, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, and Hyderabad.

green line train

The Green Line Train aims to provide shortest travel time and with only 5 stopovers in between two cities. The project is being operated by Pakistan Railways in consultancy with Pakistan Railways Advisory & Consultancy Services Limited ( PRACS ) a Public Limited Company and a subsidiary of Ministry of Railways.

Green Line is Pakistan’s most luxurious train connecting the capital of the country with the business hub, making it convinient for the businessmen and general public.

This specific mode is highly contributing in boosting tourism of the country making it economically viable. The departure time of 6DN-Green Line from Islamabad is at 1500 Hrs ( 03:00 PM ) daily with stopovers at Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantt Railways station in Rawalpindi District. Arriving Karachi City ( Cantt Station, Karachi) at around 1350 Hrs ( 01:50 PM ) with a stopover at Drigh Road Station. The departure time of 5UP-Green Line with an only starting point i.e Karachi Cantt Station at 2200 Hrs ( 10:00 PM ) daily arriving Islamabad at around 2020 Hrs ( 08:20 PM ).

Green Line Train Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Line Train serving food?

Yes, Green Line Train Do serve a complementatry Dinner and Breakfast in 6DN Green Line Express from Islamabad to Karachi (Inbound) and Breakfast and Lunch in 5UP Green Line from Karachi to Islamabad (Outbound)

Is Green Line Train on Time?

Yes, Green Line is one of the priority train of Pakistan Railways and is well on time subject to normal circumstances.

Green Line Train departure time from Karachi?

Green Line Departs at 2200 Hrs ( 10 PM ) from Karachi Cantt, Railway Station.

Does Green Line Stops at Drigh Road Railway Station?

06 DN Green Line - Islamabad to Karachi have a stopover at Drigh Road, However 05UP Green Line - Karachi to Islamabad only departs from Karachi Cantt Station with No stopover at Drigh Road or Landhi Junction.

Green Line Train departure time from Islamabad / Rawalpindi?

Departure time from Islamabad Margala Railway Station is 1500 Hrs ( 03:00 PM) & 1540 Hrs ( 03:40 PM) from Rawalpindi Railway Station.

Does Green Stops at Chaklala Cantt Station?

Yes, 06DN Green Line - Islamabad to Karachi departs at 1552 Hrs ( 03:52 PM) from Chaklala Cantt, Railway Station with a stopover of just 2 minutes.

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